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Sales at the state-of-the-art new Peterhead Fish Market, which opened in mid-2018, commence at 7am daily, Monday to Friday.

Quality is the watchword at the new facility, which holds the gold standard AA rating from the British Retail Consortium.

That’s in recognition of the highest standards when it comes to senior management commitment and continual support; the food safety plan; the food safety and quality management system; site standards; product control; process control; and personnel.

Quality allows fishermen to maximise prices.

With temperature control in the market, vessels and lorries can discharge immediately upon arrival to a secure environment. The fish market has been designed to create optimum conditions for preservation of the catch. The double sealing doors on either side assist in temperature control. Strict hygiene regulations are in place and enforced by Environmental Health Inspectors who check all fish on landing and security cameras oversee all procedures.

This modern facility, which can handle up to 10,000 boxes per day, ensures the best opportunity for preservation of quality during the fish market link in the supply chain.

Peterhead's fishing industry centred on the Harbour consists of three basic categories of species landed:

  1. Demersal
  2. Pelagic
  3. Shellfish

Fish landings at Peterhead topped £200 million for the first time in 2017 and have remained high since then.

The total value of pelagic fish, whitefish and shellfish laid down on the quayside in 2021 was £194,958,354. Tonnage was 163,520.

The value of pelagic landings was £91 million, representing 110,000 tonnes. Whitefish values and tonnage were £85 million representing 44,000 tonnes handled. There was a record value of shellfish at £19 million.

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