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Suppliers of bulk flake ice to the fishing industry and business sector of north-east Scotland

Contact Details

For call out service and local ice deliveries phone 07730 691611

For general enquiries, please contact 01779 483600 or email

About Us

Situated on two harbour quayside sites at Europe's premier fishing port, Peterhead Ice serves the fishing industry within and around the Port of Peterhead. We supply bulk flake ice on a 24 hour 7 days a week basis with minimal notification. With a 100t per day production capacity and over 100t of bulk storage we can dispatch from 100kgs upwards of ice at a rate of up to 30 tonnes per hour directly into the hold of fishing vessels, or onto trucks and lorries for onshore processers and other customers.


"Tide and time waits for no man" and this is particularly true for the fishing industry. Fishing vessels put to sea and return with fresh catches at all hours of the day and all days of the week. The service we provide is tailored to accommodate the needs of this industry and we provide round the clock cover for ice supply and delivery.


A semi automatic discharge system with a flow rate of up to 30 tonnes per hour ensures a quick turn around for our customers. The ice can be loaded directly into the ice lockers in the hold of fishing vessels without the need of any additional handling, or can be loaded into pallet bins, or other containers on the quayside or back of trucks for land based deliveries.

Production & Storage

We can produce 100 tonnes of flake ice per day which is kept in storage bunkers chilled to sub zero temperatures to ensure it is kept in pristine condition ready for immediate delivery to meet the days demands. Ice stock is also managed to ensure regular turn over of all ice in the stores to prevent compacting of older ice which affects the quality. Keeping ice as fresh as possible this way, requires a careful balance of matching production to demand and knowledge of our customers requirements on a daily basis.

Flake Ice

Flake ice is the fishing industries ice of choice for cooling and preservation of seafood. Produced by trickling water down the surface face of the ice machines which are chilled to below -25 deg.C, the ice is taken off in flakes with a mechanical cutter when it reaches it's chosen thickness of around 2-4mm. This results in a small, flat particle size of ice which is light and free flowing making it easy to handle and use and gentle on the product. Additionally it provides great product coverage and excellent cooling properties as it flows into, and readily fills, gaps and corners of the packed product.

Why use ice?

Surprisingly, modern refrigeration technology has as yet failed to replace the need for the use of ice in the preservation of seafood. Although it is certainly possible to chill seafood quickly and efficiently using air flow cooling, this results in a dry chilling which can be detrimental to the product. Ice provides a wet chilling where ample melt water is produced as it absorbs the heat from the product and surroundings and this helps to keep the produce in good condition. Fresh water ice also provides a self-regulating system of temperature control, melting at a constant temperature of 0 Deg.C helping to protect against the risk of temperature variances which may result in localised insufficient chilling or freezing of the produce. In fact, a covering of ice will help insulate the produce from freezing due to incorrectly set, or inaccurate temperature control of mechanical refrigerating systems.


The bulk density of flake ice is roughly 500kgs/cubic metre. This may vary depending on a number of things, but is accurate enough for calculating how much is necessary for a specific coverage. A standard pallet bin with a 600ltr capacity will hold approx 300kgs of flake ice and this is the figure that we use as a standard charge per bin of ice.

One tonne of ice at 0 Deg.C will absorb just over 90Kw of heat before it melts completely - which means it provides a little over 90Kw of cooling. How quickly it absorbs this heat and how long the ice lasts will obviously depend on various factors such as the temperature of product and surroundings and the size of the surface area that is exposed to these higher temperatures.


Do you deliver?

  • We provide our own delivery service for a small charge to local customers only. Delivery to other areas can be arranged through transport companies in refrigerated trailers for larger quantities at additional cost.

Can your ice be used in drinks?

  • Our ice is produced from drinking water and tested regularly for bacterial contamination. However, due to the nature of our production and the way we store our bulk ice, we cannot guarantee the quality of our ice to this standard of food hygiene, and therefore advise against using it in drinks or food.

Do you sell bagged ice?

  • No we supply bulk ice only which is discharged directly into containers normally supplied by the customer from the delivery points at our premises.

Do you deliver ice locally for parties and BBQ's?

  • No, we tend not to do this. Quantities required for such occasions are usually too small to make this a viable service.

How does your ice compare to supermarket ice?

  • We produce flake ice which is a light, free flowing ice made up of small, thin slivers of ice. These qualities make it ideal for effective coverage and quick chilling of product. Supermarkets supply ice cubes intended for drinks. Our ice is sold in bulk in much larger quantities than supermarket bags, from 10's of kilograms to 10's of tonnes. Weight for weight our ice is many times cheaper than supermarket ice but is not intended to be used as a food product.


For call out service and local ice deliveries phone 07730 691611

For general enquiries, please contact 01779 483600 or email